The care and attention my mother received was beyond what your staff was required to give a patient. On two separate occasions when we came to visit my mother, there was one of your employees holding my mother’s hand and comforting her. My family and I were so impressed.

Other positive qualities we observed in your staff include timely information provided to us by your administrative staff, excellent care provided by the nurses, therapists and all of the support folks, and the level of cleanliness of the facility.

Thank you,

Tom, family member of patient

My mother was here after a total knee replacement. This place is well known in the community and also among the reputable doctors in the valley as the BEST REHAB place. Staff was great and they have great nursing care and had the best therapy program. Unlike other facilities, this place doesn’t feel like an institution, it has a home-like setting and people here are just warm and friendly. Check it out on, Lake Balboa is the only 5-star facility. A lot of other facilities are 1 or 2 stars. I would be scared to bring my family there.

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I’m absolutely recommending this facility, it’s very clean, nice rooms, and has amazing staff! They welcome you and they respect any person who is staying there. My mom was admitted after the acute hospital and she was difficult. I was constantly on the phone with nurses or any staff member, they always were polite and respectful.
There is daily physical therapy, always assisted walks, beds are changed daily, and just perfect services.
If mom had disliked some meals it would be changed for something else immediately. They always had fresh juices, milk, and veggies.
Thank you Lake Balboa for keeping our parents safe and very comfortable.

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We researched and found Lake Balboa Care Center to have the best reviews and now I know why. My father, after having major surgery, will have the strength he needs to go home and live a full life thanks to the caring staff who attend to his needs. Thank you Lake Balboa.

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My mom is in her third week at this care facility. All I can say is the staff and the facility has met and gone way above my families expectations. The staff are amazing, warm, loving, and educated people. Each day when I arrive I am greeted with a smile and a, “How are you? Is there anything you need? How is your mama doing?” All of my questions are answered and my mother needs are always met.

We expect that my mother will be in the care of this facility, due to rehab from a major surgery. She is also receiving occupational and physical therapies and the therapists are all certified and know exactly what my mom needs.
Also I have never been to a care facility that does not have that “smell” as you walk in and Lake Balboa has only a clean smell.
One last thing is if you do not care for what is on the menu, there are always choices. Even a fruit plate can be ordered.

I am so pleased that my mother’s team of doctor’s chose this place as one of their top two facilities to send my mom for rehab!
Thanks so much to the caring staff!

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Very caring and loving staff. Family oriented like. Patients are really nice. The food is better than before. They’ve improved a lot over the years. They still have a lot of remodeling to do, but just the looks of the work they’ve put into the place. I know the patients will certainly want to stay here. Come check it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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“Lake Balboa Care Center is a 5-Star Rated Facility by Medicare” You will find this quote on their website as well as at this great facility.

When a dear friend of mine was recovering after some major surgery, she was brought here for post-surgery rehab and physical therapy. The dedicated staff do amazing work.

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The world will always need people like you who give so generously, help so willingly, and care so deeply. Thank you.

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“Dear Craig and Crew of Lake Balboa!

June, Lynn, Rhoda, Brenda, Ex, Victor, Freddy, Anna, Myra, Alida, Consuela,

I love you, Thank you for taking care of me.

From the heart! You are the best!!

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Thank you so very much for everything you have done for my mother, Kathleen M. Thank you for taking such great care of her in every way. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful special people like you in this world.

Thank you again!

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